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As children get older, it becomes increasingly difficult for schools to find the time and resources to deliver ‘high-impact’ intervention programs.


The purpose of my therapy sessions is to deliver a personalised learning program, designed to target your child’s unique learning needs.


In these sessions, I use a range of resources to build skills and confidence:

-  Phonic Books Catch-Up Readers (Reading, Spelling & Vocabulary)

-  Voyager Sopris REWARDS (Morphology: Reading & Vocabulary, Reading Fluency)

-  Megawords (Reading, Spelling & Vocabulary - Morphology)

-  Equipped for Reading Success (Phonemic Awareness)

-  Fix It! Grammar (Grammar, Writing)

-  The Writing Revolution (Writing)

-  Writing Matters (Writing - Syntax)

-  Writing With Ease & Writing With Skill (Writing) 

-  Logic of English (Reading, Spelling, Grammar & Vocabulary)

-  Cracking the ABC Code: Rules Rule! (Spelling)

-  Little Learners Love Literacy (Reading)

-  Math-U-See (Mathematics)


My teaching is explicit, structured, cumulative and multisensory, in line with current research findings regarding best-practice in literacy and Maths instruction.


I supplement these resources with other materials such as games, manipulatives & apps to enhance engagement. Where appropriate, I also integrate a range of assistive technology tools into my teaching.


I support the use of structured synthetic phonics for all students, but particularly those with a learning difference like dyslexia. This is because evidence shows that structured synthetic phonics works! In my sessions, I cover all five of the 'keys to reading': phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary (including morphology!) & comprehension.

I support the use of a CRA framework (concrete, representational, abstract) when it comes to the teaching of mathematics. This involves, for example, the modeling of new concepts using concrete materials/manipulatives.


Every learning program:

  • is developed together with your child, in consultation with you

  • is informed by assessment data

  • draws on your child’s existing strengths and interests



Cost - $130 (50-minute session at The Dyslexia Hub in Greensborough)




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